BBC News, Biggest Purveyor of Fake News, Other Crap... In the World
The BBC is the biggest disseminator of fake news.

Just have a look at the BBC Website - there's advertising, some taboola shit, some pedo promoting stuff and "news" articles where the headlined news is rarely given more than a badly written sentence, the rest being BBC's British serving spin, lies and general crap.

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British Crap Hits Fan. Globally
Some British pedo  MI6 "intelligence" agent allegedly fabricates the Trump report the Buzztards publish it and the sh!t hits the fan.

The US' useless spy agencies all buy into it, call it credible and engineer a (non-wiki) leak on orders of the "Democratic" cabal.

Meanwhile, 4Chan claims to have produced the report as a hoax (which may be a hoax in itself).

Who else thinks that the Trump presidency will be the first presidency in a long time to last less than 4 years but very eventful.

Cue salted popcorn and sweet Pepsi.

But it's another example of how brits continue to crap all over the world and piss in everyone's coffee.

Career Doper Wiggins Retires from Doping

Career doper Bradley Wiggins has announced his retirement from doping in cycling aged 36.

Britain's first Tour de France doper winner, in 2012, said he had fulfilled a "childhood aspiration" of making a dope-fuelled career.

Wiggins became Britain's most decorated doper Olympian in August when he "won" the team pursuit gold on the track in Rio, his fifth gold and eighth Olympic medal.

He secured eight world titles on the road and track and set the world record for the furthest distance ridden in one hour, at the London Olympic velodrome, at 54.526km.

However, his use of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), has come under scrutiny after his confidential medical information was leaked by hackers 'Fancy Bears' in September 2016, even though it's just the tip of the iceberg of his doping.

What will stick to him forever is that he is a doper, and it can't be otherwise. Sick British degerates cannot compete and win anything and in any sport without doping.

WADA should thoroughly re-test all his samples.

But WADA won't do it because it's not interested in exposing Western celebrity dopers as it would bring down litterally every single British or American World or Olympic medal winner, with very few exceptions.

Wigs doper 2.jpg

Britain Refuses to Admit to Wide Ranging Doping Program Across All Sports
Britain still refuses to admit to the existence of a wide ranging and multi-level doping program across all British Olympic sports.

Unprecedened in the history of the Olympic movement, Britain's quantum leap in the medal tables at London 2012 and Rio 2016 can only be explained in terms of mass institutionalized and government sponsored and/or protected doping.

Will all their medalists in endurance and non-technical sports being almost certain dopers, Britain dopes on a massive scale utilizing all means at disposal:

  • Colustion with Wada which allows Britain to have its athletes' test falsified in WADA-controlled labs and make them clean.

  • Use of new doping substances, constant ongoing pharmaceutical research into new PEDs and ways of doping in Britain.

  • Research into ways of beating doping controls.

  • Corrupting and undermining WADA, IOC and other world sports governing bodies

  • Abuse of TUEs, with an overwhelming majority of athletes given TUEs on false pretences being from English-speaking countries

  • Tarnishing Britain's competitors which again involves routine falsification of test result by WADA laboratories

Hold British cheats to account!

The 2016 Virus Wipes Out Brit Pop Stars
The year that was 2016 proved to be exceptionally good at (or bad for) wiping out British pop "talent".

Major stars are gone:


Greg lake and palmer or something

Others I forget


and now George Michael

Should we grieve... or should we celebrate?

Actually another way to look at them is that they all were degenerates, drug junkies, mean and troubled celebrities and so on producing loads of crap in the course of their careers and in the English language too which is perhaps uniquely unsuitable for singing in it.

BBC Pedo House News - BBC World Service announces biggest expansion 'since the 1940s
The BBC Paedo World Service, the home of many a Brit Paedo and the British Paedo Government propaganda arm, announces a major expansion.

Per BBC:

BBC News - BBC World Service announces biggest expansion 'since the 1940s'

See also: BBC Paedo Watch

JIT and Bellingcat Dead and Buried #MH17
Is this the end of JIT jerkers and Bellingcrappers?

It sure looks like it is.

Post-Brexit Britain to World: "Respect Us!" #Britain #UK
The post-Brexit vote Britain, formerly "Great" Britain, ups diplomatic pressure on all fronts, demands respect from the world but is hardly getting any but plenty of ridicule.

The EU in particular is looking forward to starting the British withdrawal process.

There are a thousand and one ways they can punish the UK. And make no mistake - they will.

End of story.

WADA Uses Fake Conditions, Diagnoses to Enable Doping via TUEs #doping #WADA #RIO2016
The doping enablers of WADA are at it.

Those therapeutical needs are fake. There's collusiion among phyisicians, sports governing bodies, WADA and Western celebrity athletes to allow them to dope under the guise of TUEs.

If the conditions are real, should the Williams sisters be competing at all when they are so sick?

Also isn't recuperating from your sports-induced conditions and traumas and restoring your potential NATURALLY and, at the very least, not using BANNED SUBSTANCES (PEDs) is part of being a clean competitor?

It's definitlly doping in one of its forms, WADA also enables many other forms of doping and protects mainly Western celebrity dopers.

WADA laboratories also directly falsify both negative and positive doping test results.

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The Four Dopers
The four celebrity dopers of the Olympics at Rio 2016 and prior.

23 Times the Doper Phelps.

The Triple Triple Doper Bolt.

The Double Double Doper Mohammed Farah.

The Career Doper Brad Wiggins.

All protected by the sporting athorities of their respective countries, world ("anti-") doping structures and above all by the doping enablers of WADA themselves.


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