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BBC Paedophilia and Other Abuses
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is Britain's official government-run propaganda tool, both internal and external, spreading British-serving lies, propaganda, falsehoods as well as poor standards of journalism worldwide.

It is also notorious for an inordinately high number of British paedophiles uncovered among the ranks of its broadcasting stars, producers, correspondents (including foreign based reporters) and other employees, and one guesses an even greater number of BBC paedos that have avoided detection so far.

BBC Paedophiles

Would you believe that this statue depicting a man holding a naked boy between his legs is on the front of the BBC's London headquarters? I totally would, yes. It must have been placed there for a reason.

List of known BBC paedos

  • Victor Beaumont, German actor worked for the BBC

  • Brian Epstein, Beatles manager

  • Alan Freeman, BBC DJ

  • Paul Gambaccini, BBC presenter

  • Gary Glitter, pop star, appeared on many BBC shows

  • Stuart Hall, BBC presenter

  • Derek McCulloch, BBC star, presenter

  • Jimmy Savile, BBC DJ

  • Michael Souter, BBC presenter, abused 7 boys over two decades

  • Dave Lee Travis, BBC DJ

  • Tony Blackburn, BBC DJ

  • Chris Denning, BBC1 DJ, abused boys over 40 decades




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