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Britain Behind False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib, Syria
Indicaions are Britain commited a heinous act in Idlib Province, Syria by launching a chemcal Sarin gas attack as a result of which 70 people, including 11 children, died.

The attack has all the hallmarks of a British-sponsored atrocity.

Analysis of limited and heavily distorted information as well MSM decoding implicates Britain, its secret services and local agents, including so called White Helmets and British sponsored rebels and other British agents, in this attack.

The attack follows the similar pattern of previous false-flag chemical attacks in Syria carried out by British agents when they deployed chemical agents on a number of occasions targeting civilians in rebel-controlled territories which attacks were quickly publicized using fake social media accounts, puppet paid bloggers and twitter uses and bogus groups like the London-based so-called 'Syrian Observatory" which was set up by MI6.

This attack is the latest step in Britain's month-long campaign to undermine President Trump by making it impossible for him to carry out his pre-election promises which included a possible deal with Assad.

Britain also wants to involve its greatest enemy, the United States, in another lengthy and preferrably bloody war to shift attention from itself hoping that terrorists will then target US rather than British interests.


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