How All American and British Athletes are All Dopers #WADA #FIFA
McLaren who is continuing with his politically motivated investigations ordered on from the top of the British and American governments is therefore nothng but a paid Western stooge and this anti-Russian focus is a ploy to cover-up a wide-spread Western - primarily British and American doping - where all their stars, medalists and winners are all doping either by TUEs or otherwise and usually in several ways at once, all those phelps, williamses, bolts, farahs, pendeltons, wiggenses, froomes etc. etc. - they are users of banned substances 100% of the time and it can't be otherwise.

How else can you explain the huge and unnatural and unprecedented leaps that the UK made in the medal table at the last two Olympics?

This is what needs to be investigated, not some fake stories to distract attention from British and American culpability in doping.

Britain Refuses to Admit to Wide Ranging Doping Program Across All Sports #WADA
Britain Refuses to Admit to Wide Ranging Doping Program Across All Sports

Britain still refuses to admit to, or properly investigate, the existence of a wide ranging and multi-level doping program across all British Olympic sports.

Unprecedened in the history of the Olympic movement, Britain's quantum leap in the medal tables at London 2012 and Rio 2016 can only be explained in terms of mass institutionalized and government sponsored and/or protected doping.

Will all their medalists in endurance and non-technical sports being certain dopers, Britain dopes on a massive scale utilizing all means at disposal, including:

  • Colustion with Wada which allows Britain to have its athletes' test falsified in WADA-controlled labs and make them appear clean.

  • Use of new doping substances, constant ongoing pharmaceutical research into new PEDs and ways of doping in Britain.

  • Research into ways of beating doping controls.

  • Corrupting and undermining WADA, IOC and other world sports governing bodies.

  • Abuse of TUEs, with an overwhelming majority of athletes given TUEs on false pretences being from English-speaking countries

  • Tarnishing Britain's competitors which again involves routine falsification of test result by WADA laboratories

Hold British cheats to account!

Demand investigation into institutionalized doping in Britain, punishment and suspencion of all British athletes mired in doping.


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