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Career Doper Wiggins Retires from Doping

Career doper Bradley Wiggins has announced his retirement from doping in cycling aged 36.

Britain's first Tour de France doper winner, in 2012, said he had fulfilled a "childhood aspiration" of making a dope-fuelled career.

Wiggins became Britain's most decorated doper Olympian in August when he "won" the team pursuit gold on the track in Rio, his fifth gold and eighth Olympic medal.

He secured eight world titles on the road and track and set the world record for the furthest distance ridden in one hour, at the London Olympic velodrome, at 54.526km.

However, his use of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), has come under scrutiny after his confidential medical information was leaked by hackers 'Fancy Bears' in September 2016, even though it's just the tip of the iceberg of his doping.

What will stick to him forever is that he is a doper, and it can't be otherwise. Sick British degerates cannot compete and win anything and in any sport without doping.

WADA should thoroughly re-test all his samples.

But WADA won't do it because it's not interested in exposing Western celebrity dopers as it would bring down litterally every single British or American World or Olympic medal winner, with very few exceptions.

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